Sunday, September 18, 2016

4 Easy Steps To Be A GrabCar Driver

Good day all,


First step : Complete registration at
Please add the refferal code : ezzuddin66425

Second Step: You will get the email from Grab Car as below:

 Before filling the Registration Form, please make sure you have soft copy of

 1. Passport Pic of you (.jpg)
 2. Front Pic of Your MyKad (.jpg)
 3. Front Pic of Your Driving Licence (.jpg)
 4. Your Car Cover Note/ Insurance (.pdf)

After completed the form. you will get the email below:

GrabCar has received your Driver Registration Form - also attached in this email. You are 2 more steps away from driving with GrabCar:
  1. Complete the Grab Driver Training and Quiz onlinePlease use the EXACT details below for registration. (and tracking purposes - we will get a notification upon completion of the Online Course). DO NOT USE SIGN IN WITH FACEBOOK:
  2. Verify your documents - bring along your original IC, Driving License, Car Insurance Covernote, and bank statement to our kiosks or training centre (see details of locations here Without these, we cannot activate your account.

    *If you wish to attend training in person, please come for your scheduled 
    session along with the required documents (see number 2). Our briefing sessions are at 3pmTuesday to Saturday every week so if you missed/forgot your session you are welcome to attend the next available one at Jaya One ( Do note that GrabCar staff will refuse entry if you are more than 15 minutes late (i.e. after 3.15pm).
* Please make a call/what app to the kiosk to double confirm. 

Easy right? Why wait?